The hydrogen like species Li^(2+) is in a spherically symmetric state S_(1) with one radial node. Upon absorbing light, the ion undergoes transition to a state S_(2). The state S_(2) has one radial node and its energy is equal to the ground state energy of the hydrogen atom <br> The state S_(1) is

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Structure Of Atom

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1st2s2p3s, 4d

Answer :
Solution :
The state `S_(1)` must be 2s (as it has one radial node) <br> and it must have jumped to 3p (which again has one radial node and energy equal to that of ground state H-atom as `E_(H (Is)) = - 13.6 eV` <br> `E_(Li^(2+) (3p)) = (-13.6 Z^(2))/(n^(2)) = - (13.6 xx 3^(2))/(3^(2))` <br> `= -13.6 eV`

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