The ionisation energy of He^(o+) is 19.6 xx 10^(-18) J atom^(-1) .The energy of the first stationary state of Li^(2+) will be

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Atomic Structure

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Answer Text

`84.2 xx 10^(-18) J" atom" ^(-1)``84.10 xx 10^(-18) J "atom" ^(-1)``63.2 xx 10^(-18) J "atom" ^(-1)``21.2 xx 10^(-18 J) "atom" ^(-1)`

Solution :
`E_(1)` "for"` Li^(2+) = E_(1) for H xx Z^(2)for H xx 4`<br> E_(1)`" for" `He^(o+) = E_(1) xx Z_(He)^(2)= E_(1)"for" H xx 4`<br> or `E_(1)" for" Li^(2+) = (9)/(4) E_(1) for He^(o+) = 19.6 xx 10^(-16) xx (9)/(4) = 44.10 xx 10^(-19) J" atom"^(-1)`

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