The molar conductance of NaCl vauies with the concentration as shown in the following table. And all values follows the equation lambda_(m)^(C)=lambda_(m)^(oo)-bsqrtC Where lambda_(m)^(C)= molar specific conductance lambda_(m)^(oo)=molar specific conductance at infinite dilution C = molar concentration {:("Molar concentration","Molar conductance of NaCl in ohm"^(-1)"cm"^(2)"mole"^(-1)),(4xx10^(-4),107),(9xx10^(-4),97),(16xx10^(-4),87):} <br> When a certain conductivity cell (C) was filled with 25xx10^(-4)(M) NaCl solution. The resistance of the cell was found to be 1000 ohm. At Infinite dilution, conductance of CI^(-) and SO_(4)^(-2) are 80 ohm^(-1)cm^(2)"mole"^(-1) and 160 ohm^(-1)cm^(2)"mole"^(-1) respectively. <br> What is the molar conductance of NaCl at infinite dilution?

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Electro Chemistry

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`lambda_(C)=lambda_(oo)-bsqrtc` <br> `lambda_(oo)=107+bsqrt(4xx10^(-4))`......(1) <br> `lambda_(oo)=97+bsqrt(9xx10^(-4))`.....(2) <br> (1) and (2) `rArr` b = `10^(3)` <br> from (1) `lambda_(oo)=107+10^(3)sqrt(4xx10^(-4))=127`

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