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The total ionic strength (toal molarity of all ions containing 0.1M "of"CuSO_(4) and 0.1 M "of" Al_(2)(SO_(4))_(3) is:

A : `0.2 M`

B : `0.7 M`

C : `0.8 M`

D : `1.2 M`

Correct Answer: B

Question from Class 11 Chapter MOLE AND EQUIVALENT CONCEPT

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Answer Text

One mole of `CuSO_(4)` gives `1 "mole of" Cu^(2+)` and `1 "mole of" SO_(4)^(2-)`. Also `1 "mole of" Al_(2)(SO_(4))_(3)` gives `2 "mole of" Al^(3+)` and `3"mole of" SO_(4)^(2-)`. Thus total moles of all the ions present in solution having `0.1 M of CuSO_(4)` and `0.1M of Al_(2)(SO_(4))_(3)` is <br> `0.1+0.1+0.2+0.3=0.7`

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