What is catalysis ? How is catalysis classified ? Give two examples for each type of catalysis.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Surface Chemistry

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Solution :
Catalysts : A substance which alters the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being consumed in the process, is called a catalyst. <br> The action of catalyst in altering the rate of a chemical reaction is called catalysis. <br> Types of catalysts : Catalysis is classified into two types as <br> a) Homogeneous catalysis and b) Heterogeneous catalysis. <br> Homogeneous catalysis : The catalytic process in which the catalyst is present in the same phase as that of reactants, is known as homogeneous catalysts. <br> Ex : a) `2 SO_(2(g)) + O_(2(g)) overset(NO_((g)))to 2SO_(3(g))` [Lead chamber process] <br> b) `CH_(3)CHO_((g)) overset(I_(2(g)))to CH_(4(g)) +CO_((g))` <br> Heterogeneous catalysts : The catalytic process in which the catalyst is present in a phase different from that of the reactants is known as heterogeneous catalysis. <br> Ex: a) `2SO_(2(g)) +O_(2(g)) underset(V_(2)O_(5(S)))overset(Pt_(s))to 2SO_(3(g))` <br> b) `N_(2(g)) + 3H_(2(g)) overset(Fe_((s)))to 2NH_(3(g))` [Haber's process].

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