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Which of the following statementsw about the order of a reaction is correct ?

Question from  Class 12 Maths Chapter Chemical Kinetics

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A second order reaction is also bimolecular The order of a reaction can only be determined by experiment We can determine the order of a reaction from the correctly balnced net ionicv equation for the reaction The order of a reaction must be a positive integer

Answer :
Solution :
The reaction order with respect to a given reactant species equals the exponent of the concentration of that species in the rate law, as determined experimentally. Although reaction orders frequently have whole number value (particularly `1` or `2`), they can be fractional and zero also possible. A second order reaction is bimolecular reaction if and only if it is an elementry reaction. Similary, wecan determine the order of a reaction from the correctly balanced net ionic equation for the reaction provided the reaction is elementary in nature.

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