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Potential energy of a particle moving along x-axis is by <br> U=(x^(3)/3-4x + 6). <br> here, U is in joule and x in metre. Find position of stable and unstable equilibrium.

Question from Class 11 Chapter WORK, ENERGY & POWER

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`U=(x^(3))/3-4x + 6` <br> `F =-(dU)/(dx)` <br> `F =0` at `x=+-2m` <br> <img src="" width="80%">. <br> for `xgt2m, F=-ve` i.e. displacemect is in positive direction and force is negative. Therefore `x=2` is stable equilium position. <br> for `xlarr2m , F=-ve` <br> i.e. force and displacement are in negative directions. Therefore, `x = -2m` is unstable equilibrium positions.

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