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A circular park is surrounded by a road 21 m wide. If the radius of the park is 105 m, then find the area of the road. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Areas Related To Circle

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Solution :
Given that, a circular park is surrounded by a road. <br> Width of the road = 21 m <br> Radius of the park `(r_(i)) = 105 m` <br> `:.` Radius of whole circular portion (park + road), <br> ` r_(e) = 105 + 21 =126m` <br> Now, area of road = Area of whole circular portion - Area of circular park <br> = `pir_(e)^(2) - pir_(i)^(2)` <br> = `pi(r_(e)^(2) - r_(i)^(2))` <br> = `pi{(126)^(2)- (105)^(2)}`<br> = `(22)/(7)xx(126+105)(126 - 105)` <br> = `(22)/(7)xx231 xx21` [`because(a^(2) -b^(2)) = (a - b)(a+b)`] <br> =`66xx231` <br> = `15246 cm^(2)` <br> Hence, the required area of the road is `15246 cm^(2)` .

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