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A trust fund has Rs 30,000 that must be invested in two different types of bonds. The first bond pays 5% interest per year, and the second bond pays 7% interest per year. Using matrix multiplication, determine how to divide Rs 30,000 among the two types of bonds. If the trust fund must obtain an annual total interest of:(a) Rs 1800     (b) Rs 2000

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Matrices

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Solution :
Let amount invested in first bond is `x` Rs . then, amount invested in the second fund will be `30000-x` Rs.<br> (i) As Annual interset `= Pxxr/100` `:. [[x,30000-x]][[5/100],[7/100]] = 1800`<br> `=>5/100x+7/100(30000-x) = 1800`<br> `=>-2x+210000 = 180000`<br> `=>2x = 30000`<br> `=> x = 15000`<br> So, amount invested in both bonds is `15000` Rs.<br> In matrix form, `[[15000,15000]]`<br> (b)As Annual interset `= Pxxr/100` `:. [[x,30000-x]][[5/100],[7/100]] = 2000`<br> `=>5/100x+7/100(30000-x) = 12000`<br> `=>-2x+210000 = 200000`<br> `=>2x = 10000`<br> `=> x = 5000`<br> So, amount invested in first bond is Rs. `5000` and in the second bond is Rs `25000`.<br> In matrix form, `[[5000,25000]].`<br>

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