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A variable plane passes through a fixed point (a ,b ,c) and cuts the coordinate axes at points A ,B ,a n dCdot Show that eh locus of the centre of the sphere O A B Ci s a/x+b/y+c/z=2.

Question from  Class 12 Maths Chapter Three Dimensional Geometry

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Solution :
Let `alpha,beta,gamma` are coordinates of the locus at any point. So, at the centre of the sphere, equation can be given as:<br> `(x-alpha)^2+(y-beta)^2+(c-gamma)^2 = alpha^2+beta^2+gamma^2` <br>(Here, `alpha^2+beta^2+gamma^2 = (radius)^2` as circle is passing through origin)<br> Solving the above equation, we get,<br> `=>x^2+y^2+z^2-2alphax-2betay-2gammaz=0`<br> At x-axis, it will be, `x^2 = 2alphax` as y and z will be 0.<br> `x=2alpha`<br> So, point at x-axis will be `(2alpha,0,0)`.<br> Similarly, at y-axis points will be`(0,2beta,0)` and at z-axis, point will be `(0,0,2gamma)`.<br> So, equation through plane at point (a,b,c) will be,<br> `a/(2alpha)+b/(2beta)+c/(2gamma) = 1`<br> `=> a/alpha+b/beta+c/gamma = 2`<br> If, we replace `(alpha,beta,gamma)` by `(x,y,z)`, equation will be:<br> `a/x+b/y+c/z = 2`

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