An equilateral triangle CDE is constructed on a side CD of sqaure ABCD. The measure of angle AEB can be __________.

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Geometry

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`150^@``45^@` `30^@` `20^@`

Answer :
Solution :
<img src="" width="80%"> <br> `angle ADE =angle ADC +angle CDE =90^@+60^@ (because "Angles in a square and equilateral triangle")=150^@` <br> In `Delta ADE, AD=DE` <br> `therefore angle DAE =angle DEA =(1)/(2)(180^@-150^@)` <br> Similarly, `angle CEB =15^@` <br> `therefore angle AEB=60^@-(angle DEA +angle CEB)` <br> `=60^@-(15^@+15^@)=30^@`.

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