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Arc of a Circle



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Updated On: 22-5-2020

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Arc of a Circle

In this discussion, we will explore the topic of arc of a circle. The significance of the arc of a circle and also the formula will be representing the same. There will be the representation of the same mechanism on the new system.

Arc of a Circle

Let us first try and understand the concept of the arc of a circle.  In mathematics, an arc is defined as a smooth curve joining two endpoints; an arc is one of the portions of a circle. It is also known as the joining points for both the points on a plane. In the more general scenario, the arc can be a portion of some other curved shapes like an ellipse but mostly refers to a circle. There will be a definite measurement that has been given into the arc so that we will able to have an exact mechanism of the progress

In the more usual term, the arc of a circle is defined as the part or segment of the circumference of a circle. Now when we draw a straight line that will be connecting both the points of a circle and that will be called as the chord of a circle. This chord is basically used to connect both the lines of a circle, and that will have more impact on the same. We will see that the length of the arc that is to be measured is always assumed to be exactly the length of an arc is exactly half of a circle; it is known as a semi-circular arc. 

Arc of a Circle

In the figure above, as we can see that the arc is named based on its endpoints. The two points that are plotted on a circle so that we will be able to have a complete arc, in the figure above s we can see. The arc that is represented in red can be called arc AB or BA since the order of points doesn’t matter since this is part of a circle, so the name of the same does not matter. The whole can be represented as letter AB with a curved line above it, such as ABˆ and read as “arc AB”.

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Measures of an Arc

The arc of a circle is referred to be very important for the further calculations. There are different ways based on which the arc can be measured. They are:

  • The measure of a central angle
  • The length of the arc

Here we can see that the arc of a circle can be computed with the measurement of the angle as the length of the arc. Here I the figure we can see that the arc’s length is computed in distance units, such as centimetres. Now to indicate it, the arc is preceded by the lowercase letter L. For instance, if we have to measure labˆ = 7 inches is read as “the length of the arc AB is 7 inches”.

Measures of an Arc

We can see that the points that are plotted in the arc will help us regulate the length and the parameter of the arc.

Arc Length Formula

The arc so is defined as the measurement of the circumference of a circle. There is a formula that can be formulated to measure the length of the arc. The angle that is created by the arc at the middle of a circle is nothing but the angle measure. This can often be measured as the letter m preceding the name. For instance, maybeˆ = 600 is read as “the arc AB has a measure of 60 degrees”.

When the central angle is measured in degrees, the arc length formula is:

Arc length = 2πr (θ/360)

In this


Θ is the central angle of the arc in degrees

R will indicate the radius of the arc

Now let us assume that the central angle is in radians, the arc length formula is:

Arc length = r. θ


Θ will be the representation of the central angle of the arc in radians.

R will indicate the radius of the arc.

Therefore we can see that when we are looking at the arc of a circle we will be able to compute the formulation for the same. There will be the representation of the process mechanism for the calculation of the distance of the arc.

In the field of geometry, we know that circles are the most important geometrical figures and so we can have the measurement of the same. There has been a better mechanism so that the formula can be implemented so that we will be able to have the solution to the problem. The arc of a circle is sometimes represented by the major arc that is arc larger than a semicircle. The arc of a circle will also help us calculate the definite length between the two points. We will also be able to estimate the length and the circumference

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