Calculate the mean deviation about the mean of the set of first n natural numbers when n is odd natural number.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Statistics

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Solution :
Mean of first `n` natural numbers when `n` is odd `= (n(n+1))/2`<br> `:.` Mean deviation `= (sum |x_i-barx|)/n`<br> `=1/n[(1-(n(n+1))/2)+(2-(n(n+1))/2)+...(n - (n(n+1))/2)]`<br> `=2/n[1+2+...(n-1)/2]`<br> This is a series of first `(n-1)/2` numbers,<br> `:. 2/n[1+2+...(n-1)/2] = 2/n((((n-1)/2)((n-1)/2+1))/2)`<br> `=2/n((n^2-1)/8)`<br> `=(n^2-1)/(4n)`,which is the required mean deviation.<br>

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