Convert of the complex number in the polar form:1-i

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations

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Solution :
Polar form of a complex number is given by,<br> `r(costheta+isintheta)`<br> So, `1-i = r(costheta+isintheta)`<br> Comparing, real and unreal part,<br> `rcostheta = 1 and rsintheta = -1`<br> Squaring and adding both expression,<br> `r^2cos^2theta + r^2sin^2theta = 1+1`<br> `r^2(cos^2theta+sin^2theta) = 2`<br> `r = sqrt(2)`<br> So, `sintheta = -1/sqrt2 and costheta = 1/sqrt2`<br> So, polar form will be `sqrt2(1/sqrt2-1/sqrt2i)`<br>

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