Convert of the complex number in the polar form:sqrt(3)+i

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations

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Solution :
Here, `z = -sqrt(3) + i`<br> Comparing it with polar form, we get,<br> `rcostheta = sqrt3 and rsintheta = 1`<br> Squaring and adding these two terms, we get,<br> `r^2cos^2theta+r^2sin^2theta = 4 `<br> `r^2(cos^2theta+sin^2theta) = 4`<br> `r^2 = 4=> r = 2`<br> So, modulus `|r|` is `2`.<br> Now, `rsintheta = 1=>sintheta = 1/2`<br> `theta = pi/6`<br> As `costheta` is positive and `sintheta` is positive, theta lies in first quadrant.<br> So, `theta = pi/6`<br> Polar form, `z = 2(cospi/6+isinpi/6)`

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