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Equation of the plane containing the straight line x/2=y/3=z/4 and perpendicular to the plane containing the straight lines x/2=y/4=z/2 and x/4=y/2=z/3 is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Three Dimensional Geometry

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Answer Text

Solution :
Let the direction ratio of normal of the required plane is (a,b,c). So, the equation with the line contained in the plane will be:<br> `2a+3b+4c=0->Eq(1)`<br> Now, let direction ratio of normal of the plane perpendicular to the first plane is `(a_1,b_1,b_3)`.Then, lines with this plane will have equation:<br> `3a_1+4b_1+2c_1 = 0` and<br> `4a_1+2b_1+3c_1 = 0`<br> So, from above equations, we can find out the the direction ratios.<br> `a_1/(4**3-2**2) = -b_1/(3**3-2**4) = c_1/(3**2-4**4)`<br> `a_1/8 = -b_1/1 = c_1/-10`<br> So, direction ratio of this plane will be ` (8,-1,-10)`.<br> Now, as this plane is perpendicular to our first plane, so direction ratio (8,-1,-10) can be used for first plane. <br> In that case, equation becomes:<br> `8a-b-10c=0->Eq(2)`<br> Now, from Eq(1) and Eq(2), we can compute direction ratios as:<br> `a/((3**(-10))-((-1)**4))=-b/((2**(-10))-(8**4))=c/((2**(-1))-(8**3))`<br> `a/-26=b/52=c/-26`<br> `a/1=b/-2=c/1`<br> So, direction ratio is `(1,-2,1)` that matches with option C which is coorect option.

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