Find the angle between the lines joining the origin to the points of intersection of the straight line y=3x+2 with the curve x^(2)+2xy+3y^(2)+4x+8y=11=0.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Pair Of Straight Lines

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Solution :
The equation of straight line is <br> `(y-3x)/(2)=1` <br> Making given equation of curve homogenous , we get <br> `x^(2)+2xy+3y^(2)+(4x+8y)((y-3x)/(2))-11((y-3x)/(2))^(2)=0` <br> or `7x^(2)-2xy-y^(2)=0` <br> This is the equation of the pair of lines joining origen to the point of intersection of the given line and curve . Comparing this equation with equation with the equation `ax^(2)+2hxy+by^(2)=0`, we get <br> `a=7,b=-1andh=-1` <br> If `theta` is the acute angle between component lines of (1) , then <br> `tantheta=|2sqrt(h^(2)-ab/(a+b))|=|(2sqrt(1+7))/(7-1)|=(2sqrt(8))/(6)=(2sqrt(2))/(3)` <br> `theta="tan"^(-1)(2sqrt(2))/(3)`

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