Find the area of rhombus whose one of the diagonals is 32 cm and its perimeter is 80 cm.

Question from  Class 7  Chapter Mensuration

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Solution :
Let AB be the side and E be the point of intersection of diagonals DB and AC. <br> Given, `BD=32cm rArrBE=16cm` and perimeter of <br> rhombus`=80cm rArr" side "AB=80//4=20cm`. <br> In right triangle ABE, `AE^(2)=AB^(2)-BE^(2)`. <br> `=20^(2)-16^(2)=400-256` <br> `AE=sqrt(144)=12cm` <br> `therefore" Other diagonal AC"=24 cm` <br> `" Area of the rhombus"=(1)/(2)xx32xx24=384cm^(2)` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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