Find the area of the rhombus , the lengths of whose diagonals are 30 cm and 16 cm .Also , find the perimeter of the rhombus .

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Perimeter And Area Of Plane Figures

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Answer :
`240 cm^(2)` , 68 cm
Solution :
We know that the diagonals of a rhombus bisect each other at right angles . <br> So ,`OA=15 cm ,OB=8cm and angle AOB=90^(@)`<br> `therefore AB^(2)=(OA^(2)+OB^(2))=(15)^(2)+(8)^(2)=225+64=289` <br> `implies AB=sqrt(289)=17 cm ` <br> So perimeter `=(4xx17)cm =68 cm`

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