Find the domain and range of the function f(x)=1/(2-sin3x) .

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Functions

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Solution :
`f(x) = 1/(2-sin3x)`<br> Here, `2-sin3x` can never be zero as `sin3x` will always less than `2`.<br> `:.` Domain of `f(x)` will be `x in R.`<br> Now, `f(x)` will be maximum when `2-sin3x` is minimum.<br> `2-sin3x` will be minimum when `sin3x = 1.`<br> `:. f(x)_max = 1/(2-1) = 1`<br> `f(x)` will be minimum when `2-sin3x` is maximum.<br> `2-sin3x` will be maximum when `sin3x = -1`.<br> `:. f(x)_min = 1/(2-(-1) = 1/3`<br> So, range of `f(x)` will be `[1/3,1].`<br>

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