Find the general solution of the differential equations sec^2xtany dx+sec^2ytanx dy=0

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Differential Equations

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Solution :
`sec^2xtanydx + sec^2ytanxdy = 0`<br> `sec^2xtanydx = -sec^2ytanxdy`<br> `sec^2x/tanxdx = -sec^2x/tanxdx`<br> Let `tanx = t and tany = h`<br> Then,`sec^2xdx = dt and sec^2ydy = dh`<br> Puting these values in our differential equation,<br> `dt/t = -(dh)/h`<br> Integrating both sides,<br> `intdt/t = int-(dh)/h`<br> `=>ln(t) = -ln(h)+c`<br> `=>ln(t)+ln(h) = c`<br> `=>ln(th) = c`<br> `=>ln(tanxtany) = c`<br> `=>tanxtany = e^c`<br> `=>tanxtany = C`<br>, which is the required solution.

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