Find the lengths of the medians AD and BE of DeltaABC whose vertices are A(7, -3), B(5, 3) and C(3, 1)

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Co-Ordinate Geometry

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Solution :
Co-ordinants of mid-point D of BC <br> `" "-=((3+5)/(2),(-1+3)/(2))-=(4,1)` <br> Co-ordinates of mid-point E of AC <br> `" "-=((3+7)/(2), (-1-3)/(2))-=(5,-2)` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `therefore" "AD=sqrt((7-4)^(2)+(-3-1)^(2))=sqrt(9+16)=sqrt(25)=5` units <br> and `" "BE=sqrt((5-5)^(2)+(3+2)^(2))=sqrt(0+25)=sqrt(25)=5` units

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