Find the number of integral terms in the expansion of (5^(1/2)+7^(1/8))^(1024)dot

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Binomial Theorem

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Solution :
`(5^(1/2)+76^(1/8))^1024`<br> General term in the given expansion can be given as,<br> `T_(r+1) = C(1024,r)*7^(r/8)*5^(512-r/2)`<br> For any term to be integral, `r` should be divisible by `8`.<br> As `0 le r le 1024`,<br> `r` can be `0,8,16,24...1024`.<br> So, this is an A.P. with first term `0` and common difference `8` and last term `1024`.<br> `:. 1024 = 0+(n-1)8`<br> `=> n-1 = 128`<br> `=> n = 129`<br> So, there are total `129` terms that are integral in the given expression.<br>

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