Find the possible square roots of the two-rowed unit matrix I.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Matrices

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Solution :
Let `A=[(a,b),(c,d)]` be a square root of the matrix `I`. <br> Then `A^(2)=I`, where `I=[(1,0),(0,1)]` <br> `implies [(a,b),(c,d)][(a,b),(c,d)]=[(1,0),(0,1)]` <br> `implies [(a^(2)+bc,ab+bd),(ac+cd,cb+d^(2))]=[(1,0),(0,1)]` <br> `implies a^(2)+bc=1` (1) <br> `ab+bd=0` (2) <br> `ac+cd=0` (3) <br> `cb+d^(2)=1` (4) <br> Case I : `a+d=0` <br> The above four equations hold simultaneously if `d=-a` and `a^(2)+bc=1`. <br> Hence, one possible square roots of `I` is `A=[(alpha,beta),(gamma,-alpha)]`, where `alpha, beta, gamma` are the three numbers related by the condition `alpha^(2)+beta gamma=1`. <br> Case II : `a+d+ ne 0` <br> The above four equation hold simultaneously <br> if `b=0, c=0, a=1, d=1` or if `b=0, c=0, a=-1, d=-1` <br> Hence, `[(1,0),(0,1)], [(-1,0),(0,-1)]` i.e., `pm I` are other possible equare roots of I.

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