Find the slope of the normal to the curve x=1-asintheta,y=bcos^2thetaat theta=pi/2.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Application Of Derivatives

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Solution :
Let `m` is the slope of tangent of the curve and `n` is the slope of normal to the curve.<br> Then, `m*n = -1=> n = -1/m`.<br> Now, equation of the curve,<br> `x = 1-asintheta , y = bcos^2theta`<br> `:. m = dy/dx = (dy/(d theta))/(dx/( d theta)) = (b(2cos theta)(-sintheta))/(-acostheta)`<br> `=> m = (2b)/a sin theta`<br> `:. n = -1/m = -a(2bsintheta)`<br> At, `theta = pi/2`, `n = -a/(2b)`<br> So, solope of normal to the given curve at `theta = pi/2` is `-a/(2b).`<br>

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