Find the square root of the algebraic expression which is the average of the following expressions x^(2) + (1)/(x^(2)), -2 (x - (1)/(x)) and -1

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Polynomials And Square Roots Of Algebraic Expressions

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`(x)/(sqrt3) - (1)/(sqrt3) + (1)/(x)``(x)/(sqrt3) + 1 + x``(1)/(sqrt3) (x -1 -(1)/(x))`None of these

Answer :
Solution :
(i) Find average of the given polynomials and then apply the division method. <br> (ii) Average of a, b and c is `(a +b +c)/(3)` <br> (iii) Express the numberator in the form of `(a +b +c)^(2)`

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