Find the sum of the following series : <br> 5+(-41)+9+(-39)+13+(-37)+17+....+(-5)+81+(-3)

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Arithmetic Progression

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Solution :
Let `S=5+(-41)+9+(-39)+13+(-37)+17+...+(-5)+81+(-3)` <br> `=(5+9+13+17+...81)-(41+39+37+...+3)` <br> `S_(1)-S_(2) " "...(1)` <br> where, `S_(1)=5+9+13+17+...+81` <br> It is an A.P. with `a_(1)=5, d=9-5=4` <br> Let these are n terms. <br> `:. a_(n)=81` <br> `rArr a_(1)+(n-1)d=81` <br> `rArr5+(n-1)4=81` <br> `rArr(n-1)4=76 rArr n-1=19 rArr n=20` <br> `:. S_(1)`=Sum of 20 terms with term 5 and last term 81 <br> `=(20)/(2)[5+81]=10xx86=860 " " ...(2)` <br> and `S_(2)=41+39+37+...+3` <br> It is also an A.P. with `a_(1)=41,d=39-41=-2` <br> Let these are n terms. <br> `:. a_(n)=3` <br> `rArr a_(1)+(n-1)d=3` <br> `rArr 41+(n-1)(-2)=3` <br> `rArr (n-1)(-2)=-38` <br> `rArr n-1=19 rArr n=20` <br> `:. S_(2)`=Sum of 20 terms with first term 41 and last term 3 <br> `=(20)/(2)[41+3]=10xx44=440 " " ...(3)` <br> `:.` From equation (1), <br> `S=S_(1)-S_(2)` <br> `rArr S=860-440=420`

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