For some integer q, every odd integer is of the form

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Real Numbers

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We know that, odd integers are 1,3,5…. <br> So, it can be written in the form of 2q+1. <br> Where, q=integer=Z <br> where q=integer=Z <br> or q=…,-1,0,1,2,3….. <br> `therefore` 2q+1=…,-3,-1,1,3,5… <br> Alternative method <br> Let 'a' be given positive integer. On dividing 'a' by 2, let q be the quotient and r be the remainder. Then by Euclid's division algorithm, we have <br> a=2q+r, where `0 le r le 2` <br> `Rightarrow` a=2q+r, where 0 or r=1 <br> `Rightarrow` a=2q or 2q+1 <br> When, a=2q+1 for some integer q, then clearly a is odd.

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