If A and B are two sets, then prove that : <br> A cupB=A capBhArrA=B.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Sets

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Solution :
Let `A = B` <br> `:. A cupB=A cupA=A` <br> and `A capB=A capA=A` <br> `rArr A cupB=A cap B`<br> Again, let `A cup B=AcapB` <br> To prove `A =B` <br> Let `x in A` <br> `rArr xin A cap B` <br> `rArrx in A capB(becauseA cup B=A capB)` <br> `rArrx in A and x in B` <br> `rArr x in B` <br> `:. A sube B` ....(1) <br> Let `x in B` <br> `rArr x in A cup B` <br> `rArr x in A cap B(because A cup B=A cap B)` <br> `rArr x in A and x in B` <br> `rArr x in A` <br> `:. B sube A` ....(2) <br> From eqs. (1) and (2) <br> `A = B` <br> Therefore, <br> `A cupB=AcapB hArrA=B`. Hence Proved.

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