If A+B+C=pi , prove that <br> cos 2A +cos 2B +cos 2C=-1-4cos A cos Bcos C.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Conditional Identities Involving The Angles Of A Triangle

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Solution :
We have <br> `LHS=cos 2A+cos 2B+cos 2C` <br> `=2cos(A+B)cos (A-B)+2cos^(2)C-1`<br> `=2cos (pi-C)cos (A-B)+2cos^(2)C-1`<br> `=-2cos C cos (A-B)+2cos^(2)C-1` <br> `=-2cos C[cos (A-B)-cosC]-1` <br> `=-1-2cos C[cos (A-B)-cos {pi-(A-B)}]` <br> `=-1-2cos C[cos(A-B)+cos(A+B) ]` <br> `=-1-4cos A cos B cos C =RHS.` <br> `therefore cos 2A +cos 2B +cos2C=-1-4cos A cos B cos C.`

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