If A,B,C and D are the angles of cyclic quadrilateral, prove that: <br> i) cosA + cosB+cosC+cosD <br> ii) cos(180^(@)-A)+cos(180^(@)+B)+cos(180^(@)+C)-sin(90^(@))

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Trignometric Functions

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Solution :
A,B,C and D are the angles of a cyclic quadrilateral. <br> Therefore, A+C=`180^(@)` <br> `B+D=180^(@)`……………………(1) <br> i) LHS `=cosA+cosB+cosC+cosD` <br> `=cosA+cosB+cos(180^(@)-A) + cos(180^(@)-B)` from eq. (1) <br> `=cosA+cosB-cosA_cosB=0` <br> = RHS Hence proved. <br> ii) LHS `=cos(180^(@)-A)+cos(180^(@)+B) + cos(180^(@)+C)-sin(90^(@)+D)` <br> `=-cosA-cosB-cosC-cosD` <br> `=-cosA+cosB+cosC+cosD` <br> =0 (form part (i)) <br> =RHS Hence proved.

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