If function f(x) is defined from set A to B, such that n(A)=3 and n(B)=5. Then find the number of one-one functions and number of onto functions that can be formed.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Relations And Functions

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Solution :
For one-one function each preimage in set A must have distinct image in set B. <br> So, number of one-one functions from set A to B <br> = number of permutations of five objects (images) taken three (preimages) at a time <br> `=""^(5)P_(3)=5xx4xx3=60.` <br> For onto function each image must have pre-image. <br> Now consider three elements of set A as three distinct boxes and five elements of set B as five distinct objects. <br> Number of onto functions from set A to B <br> = number of ways five distinct objects can be distributed into three boxes so that no box remains empty <br> `=3^(5)-""^(3)C_(1)(3-1)^(5)+""^(3)C_(2)(3-2)^(5)` <br> `=243-96+3` <br> `=150`

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