If f'(x)=k(cos x-sinx), f'(0)=3, f((pi)/(2))=15, find f(x)

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Integration

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Solution :
By the definition of integral <br> `f(x)=int f'(x)dx=intk(cosx-sin x)dx` <br> `=k[int cos x dx-intfsinxdx]` <br> `=k[sin x-(-cos x)]+c` <br> `therefore f(x)=k(sinx+cos x)+c` ........(1) <br> `Now, f'(0)=3"gives"` <br> `therefore k(1-0)=3 therefore k=3` <br> `therefore` from (1), f(x)=3 (sin x+cos x)+c .......(2) <br> Further `f((pi)/(2))=15"gives" f((pi)/(2))=3(sin""(pi)/(2))=3("sin"(pi)/(2)+cos""(pi)/(2))+c=15` <br> `therefore 3(1+0)+c=15 therefore 3+c=15 therefore c=12` <br> `therefore " ""from"(2), f(x)=3(sin x+cos x)+12`

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