If normals drawn at three different point on the parabola y^(2)=4ax pass through the point (h,k), then show that h hgt2a.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Parabola

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Solution :
The equation of a normal to the parabola `y^(2)=4ax` having slope m is <br> `y=mx-2am-am^(3)` (1) <br> Since the normal drawn at three different points on the parabola pass through (h,k), it must satisfy the equation (1). <br> `:." "k=mh-2am-am^(3)` <br> `rArr" "am^(3)+(2a-h)m+k=0` (2) <br> Now, it is given that three different normals pass through (h,k). <br> Thus, equation (2) has three distinct real roots `m_(1),m_(2)andm_(3)`. <br> From equation (2), <br> `m_(1)+m_(2)+m_(3)=0` (3) and `m_(1)m_(2)+m_(2)m_(3)+m_(3)m_(1)=2a-h` (4) <br> `rArr" "m_(1)^(2)+m_(2)^(2)+m_(3)^(2)=-(m_(1)m_(2)+m_(2)m_(3)+m_(3)m_(1))` <br> `rArr" "m_(1)^(2)+m_(2)^(2)+m_(3)^(2)=2(h-2a)` <br> Since `m_(1),m_(2)andm_(3)` are distinct and real, L.H.S `gt0` <br> (As in case of imaginary roots L.H.S. may be negative) <br> `:." "h-2agt0` <br> `rArr" "hgt2a` <br> Alternative method : <br> Let `am^(2)+(2a-h)m+k=f(m)` <br> Since equation (2), i.e., f(m)=0 has three distinct real roots, then equation f' (m) = 0 must have distinct real roots. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/CEN_MATH_CG_3e_C05_S01_073_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> `:." "3am^(2)+(2a-h)=0` has two distinct real roots. <br> So, `2a-hgt0orhgt2a`. <br> Note: The converse of this is not true, i.e., if `h lt 2a` then it is not necessary that equation (2) has three distinct real roots. In other words, if `h lt 2a` then it is not necessary that three distinct normals can be drawn from (h, k).

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