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If sum of n terms of a sequence is S_n then its nth term t_n=S_n-S_(n-1). This relation is valid for all ngt-1 provided S_0= 0. But if S_1=0, then the relation is valid only for nge2 and in hat cast t_1 can be obtained by the relationt_1=S_1. Also if nth term of a sequence t_1=S_n-S_(n-1) then sum of n term of the sequence can be obtained by putting n=1,2,3,.n and adding them. Thus sum_(n=1)^n t_n=S_n-S_0. if S_0=0, then sum_(n=1)^n t_n=S_n. On the basis of above information answer the following questions: If the sum of n terms of a sequence is 10n^2+7n then the sequence is (A) an A.P. having common difference 20 (B) an A.P. having common difference 7 (C) an A.P. having common difference 27 (D) not an A.P.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Progressions (Ap Gp) - For Competition

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