If tan(A-B)=1,sec(A+B)=2/(sqrt(3)) , then the smallest positive value of B is. (25pi)/(24) (b) (19pi)/(24) (c) (13pi)/(24) (d) (11pi)/(24)

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Trigonometric Ratios Of Compound Angles

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Solution :
`tan(A-B) = 1 and sec(A+B) = 2/sqrt3`<br> Case 1:<br>`tan(A-B) = tan(pi/4) and sec(A+B) = sec(pi/6)`<br> `=>A-B = pi/4 and A+B = pi/6`<br> `=>A-B-A-B = pi/4-pi/6`<br> `=>-2B = pi/12 => B = -pi/24`<br> So, `B` is negative in this case.<br> Case 2:<br>`tan(A-B) = tan(pi/4) and sec(A+B) = sec(2pi-pi/6)`<br> `=>A-B = pi/4 and A+B = (11pi)/6`<br> `=>A-B-A-B = pi/4-(11pi)/6`<br> `=>-2B = -(19pi)/12 => B = (19pi)/24`<br> So, `B` is positive in this case.<br> `:.` Smallest positive value for `B` is `(19pi)/24.`<br>

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