If the angle theta is acute, then the acute angle between x^(2)(cos theta-sin theta)+2xy cos theta+y^(2)(cos theta+sin theta)=0, is

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Pair Of Straight Lines

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`2 theta``theta//3``theta``theta//2`

Answer :
Solution :
Here, `a=cos theta-sin theta, b=cos theta+sin theta and h=cos theta`. <br> Let `alpha` be the acute angle between the lines represented by the given equation. Then, <br> `tan alpha|(2sqrth^(2)-ab)/(a+b)|` <br> `rArr" "tan alpha=|(2sqrt(cos^(2)theta-(cos^(2)theta-sin^(2)sin^(2)theta)))/(2 cos theta)|=tan theta rArr alpha = theta`

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