If the line y=mx+c touches the parabola y^(2)=4a(x+a), then

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Parabola

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`c=a+a/m``c=am+a/m``c=am+a`none of these

Answer :
Solution :
The equation of the parabola is <br> `y^(2)=4a(x+6)" …(i)"` <br> The equation of the line `y = mx + c` can be written as <br> `y=m(x+a)+c-am" …(ii)"` <br> we know that the line` y=mc+lamda` touches the parabola `y^(2)=4ax`, if `lamda=a/m`. Therefore, line (ii) will touch the parabola (i), if `c-am=a/mrArrc=am+a/m` <br> ALITER The y=mx+c will touch the parabola `y^(2)=4a(x+a)` if the quadratic equation <br> `(mx+c)^(2)=4a(x+a)` <br> has equal roots i.r. its discireminant is equal to zero. <br> `:." "4(mc-2a)^(2)-4m^(2)(c^(2)-4a^(2))rArrc=am+a/m`

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