If y=(log_(cosx)sinx)(log_(sinx)cosx)+"sin"""^(-1)(2x)/(1+x^(2)), <br> then (dy)/(dx) at x=(pi)/(2) is equal to

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Differentiation

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We have, <br> `y=(log_(cosx)sinx)xx(log_(sinx)cosx)+"sin"""^(-1)(2x)/(1+x^(2))` <br> `implies" "y={{:(1-pi-2tan^(-1)x" ,"xlt-1),(1+2tan^(-1)x" ,"" if "-1lexle1),(1+pi-2tan^(-1)x" ,"" if "xgt1):}` <br> `implies" "(dy)/(dx)={{:((-2)/(1+x^(2))","xlt-1" or "xgt1),((2)/(1+x^(2))","-1ltxlt1):}` <br> `implies" "((dy)/(dx))_(x=pi//2)=(-2)/(1+(pi^(2))/(4))=(-8)/(4+pi^(2))`

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