In a certain years, a sum of money is doubled itself at 6(1)/(4)simple interest per annum, then the required time will be(एक निश्तित राशि 6 वार्षिक साधारण बियाज पर कितने समय में दोगुनी हो जाएगी )

Question from  Class 14  Chapter Simple Interest

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`12(1)/(2)` years 8 years `10(2)/(3)` years 16 years

Solution :
(d) Let Principle(मूलधन)=P <br> Amount(मिश्रधन)=2P <br> Simple interest(साधारण बियाज)=2P-P=P <br> Using formula `SI=(PxxRxxT)/(100)` <br> `P=(PxxRxxT)/(100), p=(Pxx25xxT)/(4xx100)`

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