In any Delta ABC, prove that a("sin B - sin C")+b("sin C - sinA")+c("sinA - sinB")=0.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Solution Of Triangles

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Solution :
By the sine rule, we have <br> `a/("sin A")=b/("sin B")=c/("sin C")="k(say)"` <br> `rArr"a = k sin A, b = k sin B and c = k sin C".` <br> `:." KHS = a(sin B - sin C) + b(sin C - sin A) + c(sin A - sin B)"` <br> `" = ksin A(sin B - sin C) + ksin B(sin C - sin A) + ksin C(sin A - sin B)"` <br> `"=k[(sin A sin B - sin A sin C) + (sin B sin C - sin B sin C)]"` <br> `=(kxx0)=0=RHS`.

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