Let A=NxxN Define * on A by <br> (a,b)*(c,d)=(a+c,b+d) <br> Show that <br> (i) A is closed for * <br> (ii) * is commutative <br> (iii) * is associative <br> (iv) identify element does not exist in A

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Binary Operations

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Answer Text

Solution :
(i) Let (a,b) in A and (c,d) in A Then a,b,c d in N <br> `(a,b)*(c,d)=(a+c,b+d)in A` [before a+c in N, b +d `in` N] <br> `therefore` A is closed for* <br> (a,b)*(c,d)=(a+c,b+d) <br> `=(c+a,d+b) ["before" a+c=c+a and b+d=d+b]` <br> =(c,d)*(a,b) <br> (iii)(a,b)*(c,d)*(e,f)=(a+c,b+d)*(e,f) <br> =[(a+c)+e,(b+d)+f] <br> =([a+(c+e),b+(d+f)] <br> =(a,b)*[(c,de,d+f) <br> `=(a,b)*[(c,d)*(e,f)]` <br> (iv) (a,b)*(0,0)=(a+0,b+0)=(a,b) <br> But ,(0,0) `ne` A since one N <br> So identity element does not belong to A

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