Let the function f:R to R be defined by f(x)=cos x, AA x in R. Show that f is neither one-one nor onto.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Relations And Functions

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Given function, `f(x) = cos x, AA x in R` <br> Now, `f((pi)/(2))="cos" (pi)/(2) =0` <br> `impliesf((-pi)/(2))="cos" (pi)/(2) =0` <br> `impliesf((pi)/(2))=f ((-pi)/(2)) ` <br> But ` (pi)/(2) ne (-pi)/(2)` <br> So, f(x) is not one-one. <br> Now, `f(x) =cos x, AA x in R` is not onto as there is no pre-image for any real number. Which does not belonging to the intervals [-1, 1], the range of `cos x`.

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