Let w denote the words in the english dictionary. Define the relation R by: R = {(x,y) in W xx W | words x and y have at least one letter in common}. Then R is: (1) reflexive, symmetric and not transitive (2) reflexive, symmetric and transitive (3) reflexive, not symmetric and transitive (4) not reflexive, symmetric and transitive

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Sets

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Solution :
Given relation `R` such that<br> `R = {(x, y) in W xx W |` the word x and y have at least one letter in common`}`,<br> where W denotes set of words in English dictionary.<br> Clearly `(x ,x ) in R` for all `x in W`.<br> `:.` `(x, x)` has every letter common, therefore `R` is reflexive.<br> Let `(x, y) in R` then `(y, x) in R` as `y` and `x` have at least one letter in common,<br> this implies, `R` is symmetric.<br> Let `(x,y) in R` and `(y,z) in R`, then it is not necessary that both `x` and `z` have at least one letter in common.<br> Let `x = ABC, y = CDE, z = EFG`<br> As we can see from this example `x` and `z` have no common letters.<br> `:. (x,z) !in R`.<br> So, `R` is not transitive.<br> `:.` option `(1)` is correct.<br>

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