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Question from  Class 12  Chapter Matrices

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Solution :
`a rarr s, b rarr p, c rarr q, d rarr r`. <br> a. Since A is idempotent, we have <br> `A^(2)=A` <br> `implies A^(3)=A A^(2)=A A=A^(2)=A, A^(4)=A A^(3)=A A=A^(2)=A` <br> `implies A^(n)=A` <br> `implies (I-A)^(n)=^(n)C_(0)I-.^(n)C_(1)A+.^(n)C_(2)A^(2)- .^(n)C_(3)A^(3)+` <br> `= I+(-^(n)C_(1)+ .^(n)C_(2)-^(n)C_(3)+)A` <br> `=I+[(.^(n)C_(0)-^(n)C_(1)+^(n)C_(3)+)-^(n)C_(0)]A` <br> `=I-A` <br> b. A is involuntary. Hence, <br> `A^(2)=I` <br> `implies A^(3)=A^(5)= = A` and `A^(2)=A^(4)=A^(6)= =I` <br> `implies (I-A)^(n)=^(n)C_(0)I-^(n)C_(1)A+ .^(n)C_(2)A^(2)-^(n)C_(3)A^(3)+` <br> `=^(n)C_(0)I-^(n)C_(1)A+.^(n)C_(1)I-.^(n)C_(3)A+^(n)C_(4)I-` <br> `=(.^(n)C_(0)+.^(n)C_(2)+.^(n)C_(4)+)I-(.^(n)C_(1)A+.^(n)C_(3)+.^(n)C_(5)+)A` <br> `=2^(n-1) (I-A)` <br> `implies [(I-A)^(n)]A^(-1)=2^(n-1) (I-a)A^(-1)=2^(n-1) (A^(-1)-I)` <br> c. If A is nilpotent of index 2, then <br> `A^(2)=A^(3)=A^(4)=A^(n)=O` <br> `implies (I-A)^(n)=^(n)C_(0)I- .^(n)C_(1)A+.^(n)C_(2)A^(2)- .^(n)C_(3)A^(3)+` <br> `=I-nA+O+O+` <br> `=I-nA` <br> d. A is orthogonal. Hence, <br> `A A^(T)=I` <br> `implies (A^(T))^(-1) =A`

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