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PARABOLA | PROPERTIES OF FOCAL CHORD, INTERSECTION OF A LINE AND A PARABOLA | What is focal Chord and If the chord joining P(a(t_1)^2;2at_1) and Q (at_2^2;2at_2) is the focal chord ; then t_1t_2=-1, If point P is (at^2;2at) then the length of the chord PQ is a(t+1/t)^2, The length of the focal chord which makes an angle theta with the positive direction of x-axis is 4acosec^2theta, Semi-latus rectum is the harmonic mean of SP and SQ where P and Q are the extrimities of the focal chord, Circle described on the focal length as diameter touches the tangent at the vertex, Circle described on the focal chord as diameter touches the directrix., Intersection of a line and a parabola, Equation of tangent to parabola y^2 = 4ax

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Parabola

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