Prove that <br> (cos 3 x)/(sin 2 xsin 4x)+(cos 5x)/(sin 4xsin 6x)+(cos 7x)/(sin 6xsin 8x)+(cos 9x)/(sin 8x sin 10x) <br> =(1)/(2) (co sec x)[co sec2x-co sec 10x]

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Trigonometric Ratios And Transformation Formulas

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Solution :
Let <br> `f(x)=(cos 3x)/(sin 2x sin 4x)+(cos 5x)/(sin 4xsin 6x)+(cos 7x)/(sin 6xsin 8x)` <br> `+(cos 9x)/(sin 8x sin 10x)` <br> Multiply and divide by `(2sinx)` in whole expression to get <br> `f(x)=(sin 4x-sin2x)/(2sin x sin 2x sin 4x)+(sin6x-sin4x)/(2sin x sin 4x sin 6x)` <br> `+(sin 8x-sin6x)/(2sin x sin 6x sin 8x)+(sin 10x-sin 8x)/(2sin x sin 8x sin 10x)` <br> `=(1//2)co sec x[co sec 2x-co sec 10x]`

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