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Q is a point on the auxiliary circle corresponding to the point P of the ellipse x^2 /a^2 + y^2/ b^2 =1. If T is the foot of the perpendicular dropped from the focus S onto the tangent to the auxiliary circle at Q then the Delta SPT is

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Solution :
Tangent at point `Q(a cos theta, a sin theta)`<br> `x cos theta+ y sin theta`=a<br> ST=`|ae cos theta-a|=a(1-ecostheta)`<br> S(ae,0)<br> ST=`|(aecos theta-a)/sqrt(cos^2 theta+sin^2 theta)|=a(1-ecostheta)`<br> SP=epm=e`(a/e-acostheta)`<br> SP=`a-aecostheta`<br> SP=a`(1-ecostheta)`<br> so, SP=ST<br> `/_SPT` is an isosceles triangle.

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