Set up equations and solve them to find the unknown numbers in the following cases: (a) Add 4 to eight times a number; you get 60. (b) One fifth of a number minus 4 gives 3. (c) If I take three fourths of a number and count up 3 more, I get 21. (d) When I subtracted 11 from twice a number, the result was 15. (e) Munna subtracts thrice the number of notebooks he has from 50, he finds the result to be 8. (f) Ibenhal thinks of a number. If she adds 19 to it and divides the sum by 5, she will get 8. (g) Anwar thinks of a number. If he takes away 7 from 5/2 of the number, the result is 11/2.

Question from  Class 7  Chapter Simple Equations

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Solution :
a) 8x+4=60<br> 8x=56<br> x=7<br> b)`x/5-4=3`<br> `x/5=7`<br> x=35.<br> c)`3/4x+3=21`<br> `3/4x=18`<br> x=24<br> d)2y-11=15<br> 2y=26<br> y=13<br> e)50-3x=8<br> 3x=42<br> x=14<br> f)`(x+19)/5=8`<br> x+19=40<br> x=21<br> g)`5/2x-7=11/2`<br> `5/2x=25/2`<br> x=5.

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