Show that the lines (x+3)/(-3)=(y-1)/1=(z-5)/5and (x+1)/(-1)=(y-2)/2=(z-5)/5are coplanar.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Three Dimensional Geometry

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Solution :
Coordinates of line 1 are `(-3,1,5)` and its direction ratios are `(-3,1,5)`.<br> Coordinates of line 2 are `(-1,2,5)` and its direction ratios are `(-1,2,5)`.<br> These two lines will be coplanar if,<br> `|[-3,1,5],[-1,2,5],[-1+3,2-1,5-5]| = 0`<br> Now, `|[-3,1,5],[-1,2,5],[-1+3,2-1,5-5]| = |[-3,1,5],[-1,2,5],[2,1,0]|`<br> `=[-3(-5) - 1(-10)+5(-1-4)]`<br> `=15+10-25 = 0`<br> As, `|[-3,1,5],[-1,2,5],[2,1,0]| = 0`, these two lines are coplanar.<br>

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